Split Air Conditioner Clean

From $90.00 + GST based on minimum order of 10 split units in 1 location.

1 X Split – $130.00 inclusive of GST

2 Splits – $250.00 inclusive of GST

3 Splits – $350.00 inclusive of GST

4 Splits – $450.00 inclusive of GST

5 Splits – $550.00 inclusive of GST

6 Splits – $650.00 inclusive of GST

7 Splits – $750.00 inclusive of GST

8 Splits – $850.00 inclusive of GST

9 Splits – $950.00 inclusive of GST

10 + Splits – $99.00 each, inclusive of GST

At Fresh Aircon Cleaning, our operators are trained and experienced in cleaning almost every type of Air Conditioning Unit. Our cleaning treatments range from a filter cleaning, filter treatment to a complete evaporator (inside unit) deep cleaning program including condenser (outside unit) if requested.

Air quality is one of the most important things in our lives and it is important for us to enjoy clean fresh air. The smell of your home or workplace is the first thing that people notice and when they take a breath of air their first impression is one of their lasting impressions. Since we spend a lot of time at home, work or both the air quality is important to keep good health. Air quality can be one of the main causes for illnesses in people and if we just take some time to find out how to clean the air we breathe we will feel so much better.

Our Deluxe internal clean consists of;

  • 1 – We prepare the surrounding area within your home, office, school, hospital, nursing home, day care center or wherever your air conditioner is, ON SITE.

  • 2 – We remove the front cover of your air conditioner.

  • 3 – We spray a special coil treatment to dislodge the contaminants through the entire coil, from front to rear.

  • 4 – We spray a special fan treatment to dislodge the build-up of dirt, mold, dust and bacteria on your barrel fans.

  • 5 – We pressure wash your internal coil (evaporator coil) and blower fans (barrel fans) with a portable medium pressure cleaner so as not to damage the aluminium fins of the coil.

  • 6 – We spay an anti-microbial treatment into your evaporator coil which gives you 12-month protection against microorganism growth.

  • 7 – We wash the inside and outside of you air conditioning cover panel.

  • 8 – We scrub and wash all the contaminants from your filter.

  • 9 – We spray your filter with an anti-microbial treatment which gives you 12-month protection against microorganism growth.

  • 10 – We re-assemble your air conditioner, clean up the surrounding area and provide test operation to insure we have not damaged anything and that you are 100% happy with the service we have provided.

Leaving your air conditioner cleaner and healthier so you can breathe easier with less risk of sickness. We provide a genuine service at a genuine price and we are fully qualified and fully insured.


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