Well, winter is strolling in, and we would like to help ease you into it with some heating efficiency tips. Yes, air conditioner servicing in Newcastle is one of the top tips, but there’s more cosy information to improve your interior comfort and wallet comfort.

Find The Right Unit

If this winter is your first exploration into reverse cycle heating with an air conditioner, it is important to choose a unit based on suitable specifications. Your lifestyle and home or office configuration is an important factor versus unit choice in order to minimise energy wastage. A wall-mounted split system is a great option for targeted heating, e.g. heating a living room, bedroom, or office, rather than heating the whole home or whole business. These units are low-cost and easy to install!

Strategic Heating

Don’t leave the heating running all day. Switch it on via a timer switch, or manually if at home, 20 mins prior to getting up in the morning or before arriving in the office. Once the first couple of chilly hours are over, switch the heating off, and the ambient warmth will remain for a couple of hours as the day progresses and warms away from unbearable temperatures.

Smart Options

A smart air conditioner has optional Wi-Fi control via your smartphone and tablet. This assists once you have left home or the office, and remember you omitted to switch off the heating. It also helps with our previous tip on strategy, as you can switch the heating on before arriving at the office or before coming home at night. You can program on/off times or a power-off action when a specific temperature is reached.

Energy Efficiency Vs Replacement Costs

Air conditioner units in Newcastle that are over 15 years old can be 40% less efficient than a new model. Compare your unit’s efficiencies online versus newer models.

Reverse cycle air conditioners, with a higher efficiency rating, produce more heating per kilowatt than any other form of heating. It can work out to a 30% saving versus a gas heater.

Selective zone heating offered by newer systems is also beneficial. A multi-split system (one outdoor unit with many indoor units) can heat a whole home or only specified rooms.

Air Conditioner Servicing

We are sure you have heard this before, but we cannot emphasise it enough. Regular maintenance improves your air conditioner’s performance and lifespan. Cleaning your unit to the manufacturer’s specifications and thorough servicing is essential. Some parts can be done DIY, but a professional servicing agent can only do a complete service and component assessment due to warranties and safety requirements.

Many factors affect the performance and energy bill of your unit. If you have concerns about the efficiency of your system this winter season, call the Fresh Aircon Services air conditioner servicing team in Newcastle. Call our specialist, friendly staff are waiting with solutions for you. Ph: 1800 917 141 (FREE CALL).