A large portion of the world’s population, especially those experiencing hotter climates, likely have an air conditioning system installed within their home to aid in getting through those long, hot summer months. Communal systems may be found within large public spaces such as office buildings, shopping malls, schools and hospitals. But are these systems good for our overall health?

Well, in a nutshell, the airconditioning system itself is not harmful and can actually help alleviate respiratory issues. The problem begins when the aircon is met with the wrong type of environment. An area where a high amount of mildew, mould, humidity or bacteria is present is one that is a potential breeding ground that can induce illness when combined with a blasting air conditioning newcastle system. Let’s take a closer look at how you can alleviate the chance of illness and bacteria buildup from occurring.

Your Location Matters

According to scientific studies, air conditioning units with their cold, alternating wet and dry systems, are the ideal breeding ground for microorganisms. It has been found that temperatures and dew points play a massive role in how much bacteria can form within the unique system’s coils. This is why location plays a massive role in how concerned you should be about the bacteria buildup in your aircon. Those residing in dryer climates face less of a threat than those who are based in a higher humidity climate. Therefore, we would suggest that the latter implement more regular maintenance cleans, as well as, ration the time they spend indoors with the air conditioner running.

Consider An Upgrade

Aircon systems come in a varying range of prices and qualities. Although an entry-level system may be kinder on the wallet at first, in the long run, it may be far more beneficial to spend a bit extra on a system installed with a higher quality filtration. This part of the aircon is what keeps the bacteria and other nasties at bay.

Regular Service Cleaning

Whether you have a high-grade filtration system or not, it is strongly urged that you implement a thorough clean every few months. Ensuring that your system is clean is being sure that there is no chance of bacteria or mould build-up, meaning that your air-con is safe to use regularly.

If you are concerned about the state of your air conditioning and the potential chance of bacteria buildup from compromised surroundings or neglect, we can help you. Contact Fresh Air Con Services right away and we will ensure that your air conditioner is spick, span and ready to go.