Instead of lovely, fresh cool air, you may find your air conditioner belching out some particularly vile odours. There are several causes of these bad smells. Your air conditioner servicing company in Newcastle will be able to help you identify and rectify these smelly problems.

The most common causes of bad smells include:


Air conditioning units contain numerous electrical components and wiring. If any of these parts malfunction or are damaged, they can overheat and pose a fire risk if left unattended. If your air conditioner is emitting a burning smell or smoke, you should turn it off immediately.

Fungi, Mildew And Mould

One of the tasks of an air conditioning unit is to remove moisture from the surroundings. If this is not effectively drained, the resultant damp environment provides the perfect breeding ground for fungi, mould and mildew. These can cause reactions such as nasal congestion, sore throat, coughing and irritated eyes. These symptoms can be exaggerated in people with allergies.

Leaking Gas

The gases used in air conditioning units are naturally odourless; however, for safety reasons, chemicals are added that smell like rotten eggs. In the event of noticing such an odour be sure to turn off the unit, open windows and quickly evacuate the area until the problem has been resolved.

Dirty Components And Blocked Drains

Dirt and grime will collect on your unit’s fins, fans, coils, and filters over time. This can result in the drainage system becoming blocked and inefficient. Stagnant water collects and, along with the dirt, all contributes to the emission of the most common “smelly feet” type of odour from your system.

Dead Critters

While most units have covers and grills to prevent this, the distinct smell of a dead creature would indicate that a rodent or other small animal has unfortunately found its way into your air conditioning unit or piping and has perished. A thorough inspection of the system will be required for the decease culprit to be located and removed.

If you are experiencing any of these less-than-fresh smells, contact our friendly and professional staff at Fresh Aircon Services today. We can assist with all your air conditioner servicing needs in Newcastle.