With summer headed to the southern hemisphere, temperatures and humidity are set to rise in Australia, which means it’s time to put air conditioners to work. In order for your AC to work effectively, you might need aircon cleaning. Newcastle is known for its subtropical climate. To ensure the best air quality and ideal temperature control this summer, keep an eye out for the following signs that it might be time to get your air conditioning system service professionally cleaned.

Indications That Your AirCon Needs Professional Cleaning

Neglecting to have your air conditioner serviced and cleaned can result in skyrocketing power bills, compromised health of everyone in the building due to poor air quality, and eventual damage to your AC unit.


Watch the vents after turning on the AC. If you see an initial puff of dust emitted from the air registers, this indicates a build-up of dust within the air ducts. If you remove and clean the air registers and the problem persists, then it’s likely to be an internal fault.

cLook out for excess dust on interior surfaces; this can also indicate dust build-up within your air conditioning system.


If you notice a strange odour indoors but can’t find the source, the problem may come from inside the AC. Aircons have a drain pan that can get clogged up with mildew, releasing a distinct musty odour.

The water and dark spaces within the system sometimes attract small animals like lizards. Often these creatures get themselves trapped, decompose and release a terrible odour. At this point, a professional should be called in.

Reduced Or Uneven Airflow

Reduced airflow from the air registers or uneven airflow between rooms is often caused by debris blockage inside your AC’s air duct system.


Investigate any unusual noise coming from your aircon. A blockage within the air ducts or mould build-up on the coil fins usually causes a whistling noise. Any rattling you hear may be caused by a loose bolt or panel, or it might be that one of the fans has become imbalanced after collecting dust over time.

Incorrect Temperature

It can be frustrating to realise that your aircon is just not doing its job. An aircon should provide year-long comfort and temperature regulation. If you notice that it’s not reaching the temperature it should, it’s a good idea to call in an expert for a thorough inspection and service.

Mould And Mildew

Sometimes you can notice a grey or brown mildew growing on the outside condenser unit or around the air ducts. Unfortunately, this indicates an extensive problem with the air conditioning system and requires professional assistance.

Annual Clean Overdue

For optimum performance, you should have your aircon service cleaned at least once a year. Whether you move into a new property and can’t find recent records of your air conditioning system being cleaned, or if you know it’s been over 12 months since your aircon’s last service, then it’s time to call in a professional.

A healthy indoor environment and comfortable climate control, reduced energy bills and a longer lifespan on your air conditioning system can all be achieved by regular professional aircon cleaning. Newcastle is approaching its warmest months, and you’ll need your air conditioner to run optimally.

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