Between pandemics, wildfires, pollen, and pollution rates, we should pay intense attention to outdoor and indoor air quality. For the outside air improvement, we can help you with environment-friendly decisions for cooling and heating, but it is really important you focus on your indoor air quality too!

Sadly it is usually neglected, but air conditioner servicing at home or HVAC care in offices, restaurants and hotels in Newcastle should be higher up the priority list.

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor Air Quality is the management of pollution indoors. Your indoor air is usually a replica of the outdoor air but at concentrated levels.

Studies have shown pollution is often 2 to 5 times worse indoors! In some cases, 100 times higher! Talk about stepping outside for a breath of fresh air…

Unfortunately, less than half of air conditioner owners book maintenance or cleaning on their home or business air-con/HVAC systems.

Effects Of Poor Air Quality

Indoor pollution cannot be seen, and odours, a sign of pollution, tend to be assigned to the category of “the familiar smell of our home”. The outcome could be:


Itching eyes or throat


Sneezing, runny nose

Difficulty breathing, asthma aggravation and other respiratory problems

These are symptoms of allergies, the most common effects of poor air quality in your home, your place of comfort and protection.

Types Of Pollutants

Pollen is a common pollutant, and the pollen count in the air is skyrocketing as climate change brings about warmer temperatures.

Cigarette smoke can get inside air conducting and irritate, contributing to more than 30,000 deaths each year.

Radon is a gas (uranium break down) occurring naturally from soil and rocks, such as certain granite countertops. It is toxic and, in high doses, is fatal. Quality, serviced aircons can reduce radon levels in a home.

Combustion gases like carbon monoxide come from poorly working or non-vented gas appliances such as a stove, furnace, dryer, or fireplace.

Carbon dioxide is increased in poor ventilated, over inhabited rooms (such as meetings and gatherings), and, we know, so are infectious diseases.

How Do You Improve The Situation?

Luckily there are many steps you can action to create pure indoor air quality:

1) Smoke outside, away from the house.

2) Service ALL gas appliances annually to stop the silent killer, carbon monoxide.

3) Service air conditioners and HVAC systems annually. The filters catch dust, particles, and pollutants in your air and needs changing every 6 months.

A MERV-13 filter will protect against viruses.

Clean the air ducts and coils, and if the machine has stood dormant during winter, then a deep cleanse is recommended to remove bacterial growth.

4) Change the filter in your refrigerator every 3 months.

5) Seek out mould and mildew and cleanse that out. Bleach doesn’t get rid of it. It only kills the surface mould but leaves the underlying membrane. Vinegar is far better at killing it. Thirty minutes of contact time is the minimum required.

6) Excessive dust from dry, windy spells, lots of pets or a home renovation means you should get a professional cleaning team in once or twice a month to do a full house, deep cleanse.

If you need help with purifying the air quality within your home, give the Fresh Air Condition services team a call. Our friendly staff are waiting with healthy solutions.