Dirt buildup in various system components of air conditioners is the leading cause of problems for such units. Dirty air conditioning units pose a real risk to the efficiency and operation of your system, and it is, therefore, vital that homeowners, in particular, keep their systems clean. For the best possible solution, ask for air conditioner quotes from your local air con providers, and get an expert on the job.

In this post, we’re going to look at the importance of cleaning air conditioners and the problems that they can cause. In this post, we’re going to highlight your role, as well as professional aircon cleaning providers and suppliers, in keeping your unit clean and functioning well. What’s more, it is important that you ensure that you compare maintenance air conditioner quotes before getting your unit attended to as this will give you an estimate of what it’ll cost you.

So, Why Are Dirty Air Conditioners A Problem?

You need to remember that air conditioners work by cycling refrigerants between the outdoor and indoor units to extract heat from the air in your home and dispose of it into the outside air. During this process, we need to focus on two main components; the evaporator coil and the condenser coils.

The evaporator coils are situated outside of your unit, and when air blows over them, heat is transferred from inside your home’s air to the refrigerants in the coils and transferred outside. One the other hand, the condenser coils, which are located outside, transfer heat from the refrigerants inside the coils to the air outside when air blows over these coils.

We need to look at such cases that when dirt builds up, setting on your air conditioner’s coils, the heat-transfer process is hindered. This will result in the air conditioner’s refrigerants aren’t easily able to release heat to the outside. This will lead to an uncomfortable living space and increase your Newcastle home’s energy consumption.

Additionally, dirty air cons can develop airflow issues with higher risks of breaking down than if they were kept clean. You will need to get air conditioner quotes for getting it fixed. The quote will highlight what the issues are and how much you can expect to pay.

How You Can Keep Your Air Conditioner Clean

As a homeowner, you play a major role in keeping your air conditioner clean by making sure your air filters are changed regularly.

An air filter isn’t only for making breathing air fresher and healthier. It also protects your cooling system from dirt, dust and other airborne contaminants. Dirty air filters cannot prevent contaminants from blowing into your unit, causing further buildup. Make sure that you check air filters and change them regularly.

Once you’ve noticed there might be issues with your air con, get in touch with reputable air conditioning service providers for a maintenance quote.

What We Can Do For Your Dirty Air Conditioner

We understand the importance of cleaning air con units, and we want to stress the importance of annual tune-up services. Tune-up services are meant for thorough inspections and making sure proper cleaning is conducted so that your system has minimal breakdown during the year. This service also works to ensure your air conditioner runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible right through summer. This is why we urge you to schedule an air conditioning system tune-up once a year from us.

It is also vital that you’re aware of the costs involved with getting your system serviced. This is why you need to request air conditioner quotes from several companies in order to get your money’s worth and quality work.

Looking for air conditioner services in Newcastle to keep your unit clean and running smoothly? You can request an air conditioner quote from Fresh Aircon Services in Newcastle.