Some of you might think we are being uncool because we keep going on and on about keeping your aircon clean. Unfortunately, your aircon will be uncool if it does get regular cleans and it’s not a simple case of hopping on a short stepladder and giving it a wipe. It needs multiple components cleaned in detail and, unless you are a technically advanced DIYer, you should call in a professional team for air conditioner cleaning in Newcastle.

Here are the problems you will circumvent if you book a service cleaning for your air conditioner

Ice Ice Lady

If you spot ice forming in the interior of the aircon casing or on the coil, this means your aircon is battling to keep things cool. The presence of ice will inhibit the machine’s ability to extract from interior air.

This icy build-up is brought about by dirt layers on the coil. This dirt makes it difficult for the coil to do its heat extraction, thereby warming the internal refrigerant. The temperature drops lower and lower and ice starts forming.

Fuzzy Filters

Just like your car air filter, your air conditioner in Newcastle needs its air filters to be in excellent condition. It works, after all, very hard at keeping troublesome dust and dirt away from the important inner components of the AC. When it becomes fuzzy and hairy with fine dust, pet hair, dirt and pollutants, then you are shortening the life of your compressor, fans and motor!

You may be surprised to learn that the filters need to be changed or cleaned once a month during summer. If dirt has found its way into the unit, it will need a professional clean. Your air conditioner’s primary component that keeps out dust and dirt is the air filter. If it becomes overly blocked, pollutants can get inside your unit and potentially damage the fans, motors and compressor. Avoid this money-sucking hazard by changing the filter once a month during cooler months. If dirt starts infiltrating the unit, call the professionals to clean it.

Energy Costs

A dirty air conditioner is an expensive air conditioner. You might still see that your preferred twenty-one degrees temperature is achieved, but it will have required far more energy to reach this level. You will see your energy bills start to climb steadily.

Air Conditioner Cleaning In Newcastle

As we mentioned at the start, cleaning your air conditioner is not a simple ‘spray bottle and fibre cloth’ task. In fact, if you do it wrong, you run the risk of causing significant damage. This is definitely one of those jobs that you have to leave to professionals.

Save money and save your air conditioner! Book an air conditioner cleaning in Newcastle with Fresh Aircon Services today!