The feeling of walking into a cool, brisk space after a hot day outside is wonderful, isn’t it? In summer, cool indoor environments exude calmness and sophistication, which airless and sweltering rooms lack. To ensure the longevity of your air conditioner unit, you’ll need to avoid certain mistakes which are detrimental to your unit and can cause high electricity bills.

While it’s always the best idea to hire air conditioner servicing in Newcastle at least once a year, you’ll want to know what to do to optimise its efficiency and avoid break-downs.

5 Common Mistakes That Compromise Your Air Conditioner Unit 

  • Using The Incorrect Air Conditioning Unit Size

Cooling down a space faster with a larger unit is a myth. As a bigger unit works through its functions, it will switch on and off frequently, causing uncomfortable temperature variations and wasting electricity. A smaller unit will simply overwork and strain its components if the room is larger than its cooling capacity. Measure your room before purchasing the air conditioner unit and select the appropriate model for the size of your space.

  • Keeping The Air Conditioner On 24/7

Besides not being designed to be on all day, it’s simply not good for the environment. No matter how modern the unit is, a certain amount of greenhouse emissions are still produced and released into the environment.

  •  Using The Wrong Setting

Rooms are cooled by air conditioners at a certain rate. The lower the temperature setting, the slower the room will cool down. Using this method will only overexert the unit and result in high electricity consumption. A programmable thermostat with a timer, which allows you to cool the room ahead of time, is an excellent option if you are impatient.

  • Leaving Windows And Doors Open

Nobody wants their air conditioner to work double time, right? During and after cooling, close all windows and doors to ensure the cool air doesn’t escape.

  • Forgetting To Service And Clean Your Unit

By maintaining a regular service program, you will detect any problems before they become costly repairs. It’s important to check and clean the unit’s filters regularly to maintain optimum air quality and circulation.

Taking Care Of Your Air Conditioner

A weekly dusting of the outer casing and frequent light vacuuming of your filters will assist in short-term maintenance. However, a lot more than grime and dust enters your unit! It is crucial to find a professional, trustworthy and comprehensive air conditioner service in your town. As well as installing a new unit suitable for your space, a reliable team will also be capable of servicing and cleaning your existing unit. Because they keep accurate records, you’ll be notified of your next service before you think about it.

For air conditioner servicing in Newcastle, look no further than Fresh Aircon Services. We’re passionate about improving the air circulation in your environment and making your unit last longer. Get a free and no-obligation quote by booking online today.