Your trustworthy air conditioner might be aging well…but is it? The old saying goes: Do not judge a book by its cover, so we are listing the unseen benefits you gain by updating your air conditioning in Newcastle. 

It may seem wasteful to replace air conditioning that looks acceptable, especially in this age of anti-consumerism. The real problem, however, is unseen and lies within the equipment. It can be a tough decision to make, so we are helping you make the decision by sharing some facts.

Benefit #1: Financial

Your older air conditioning system will always be significantly less efficient than the newer one, just like computers. Technological advances occur year on year, so you can guarantee that there will be very beneficial advances after ten years. 

In financial terms, you are wasting your hard-earned income on inflated energy consumption each time you use your air conditioning. In fact, it could be consuming up to 40% more energy than a new air conditioner. Maintenance requirements will also be more frequent, and that wastes your budget. 

Note: The old equipment might be contravening the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) of 2004. 

Benefit #2: Comfort

In addition to being energy inefficient, an old system is also comfort-inefficient. While gobbling your cash, your aging air conditioning will also be battling to reach your desired cooling temperature or heating setting. In some instances, the challenged equipment might stop running in an effort to attain the required temperature.

Worse still, if you have been a tad tardy in booking maintenance, your air conditioner will be inefficient and a health nightmare. It will be nurturing mould and bacteria that benefit from their spores and airborne particles being spread about liberally when you turn on the machine.

Benefit #3: Environmental

Now that we have discussed how your pocket, comfort and health are being negatively affected, it’s time to look outwards to the planet, our ultimate home. Old air conditioning also negatively affects the environment, so it is an effect that we urge you to prioritise in your decision assessment.

Your long-serving air conditioner will be consuming significantly more energy, and that excess volume of energy all converts to greenhouse gas emissions. However, the considerable technological improvements over the years are saving the day for air conditioner users. Air cons, fridges and domestic appliances, generally, are far more eco-friendly nowadays. 

So upgrade and save your pocket, comfort, health and our beloved planet! Call our team of experts today for new air conditioning in Newcastle.