With the DIY culture on the rise, it is very tempting to take on bigger appliances such as an air conditioner. Air conditioner systems are much more complicated and expensive when compared to changing a light bulb. If, for instance, you buy the wrong part or damage a component, then the cost of doing it yourself is simply not worth it. 

In this guide, we share the dangers of trying to fix your unit, which will show you why it is always better to call a professional air conditioner servicing company in Newcastle for help.

4 Dangers Which Makes DIY Repairs Not Worth It

  • A Simple Mistake Can Affect Your Safety 

An air conditioner has a powerful system that the average person is not informed enough about. A simple mistake can cause danger, such as: 

  • If you touch the wrong wire, you can get shocked quite severely. 
  • AC units have natural gas that needs to be handled a specific way or it might catch fire or explode.
  • If your HVAC system is not venting properly, you are at risk of inhaling carbon monoxide. 
  • Using The Wrong Tools And Parts

Air conditioners are very intricate and have also advanced dramatically over the years. Store-bought tools and parts won’t work for modern-day systems. The tools needed for air conditioning units get updated almost yearly to stay up to date with the current models. These tools ensure that your system does not get damaged in the process of fixing it. The same applies to the parts needed for repairs. They are simply not something that can be found in a normal hardware store and need to be purchased through a supplier

  •  A Working System Is Not A Sign Of A Safe System

Your DIY method might get the system working again, but that does not mean it is functioning optimally. A person who is trained to service air conditioners knows how to make sure that the airflow and drainage work well enough for the system to be safe for usage. 

  • Your Warranty Will Expire If You Work On Your AC Yourself

The fine print on your air conditioner most likely has a warranty notice that states that it will expire if it’s worked on by someone that is not a professional AC servicer. It is best to contact us for assistance before attempting to fix it yourself because it protects your warranty which saves you money in the end. 

Rather be safe than sorry ‒ they always say. Fresh Aircon Services is your trusted Newcastle air conditioner servicing company to help you professionally and safely solve all your AC problems at an affordable cost. Contact us for more information or to receive a non-obligatory quote.