What a blessing it is to have air-conditioning systems during the hot summer months to help us cool down! At Fresh Aircon Services, we do regular air conditioner cleaning for many clients, and the most common problem we pick up is the growth of mould. Not only does mould cause the AC system to become weaker, but it also has many health implications.

We always advise our clients not to assume that allergies are causing their symptoms because mould exposure has similar symptoms.

Mould Growth 101

Mould is a fungus that grows in moist, damp, dark places inside your home and even outside. Every system has a drain line that needs to function correctly to prevent the water from backing up and leaking into the AC. Sometimes leaves or debris starts clogging the drain line, causing a backup. As soon as the water starts leaking back into the AC, the unit becomes a dark, damp place where mould will begin to develop.

An Allergic Reaction Or Hay Fever Symptoms?

Most mould exposure symptoms are like allergies because when you breathe in mould spores, your immune system responds by creating allergic reactions. Many people think that the cold air from the air-conditioning system is causing them to have flu-like symptoms or that it is because of the dust in the system, but sometimes these symptoms are because of the body’s reaction to mould.

Only by doing regular maintenance will you know if your system is safe to use, as, from the outside, you won’t notice these issues. The only clear sign that some people inform us about is a musky smell coming from their unit, which means that there is already extensive mould growth. By listening to your body’s reaction, you might be able to stop the development before it becomes a hazard.

We Can Help You Keep Your Air-Conditioner Clean And Safe

Doing regular maintenance and cleaning is essential even if you think there is nothing wrong with your unit. If you notice that you are struggling with allergies around your AC or a musky smell starts to fill the air, you must phone us right away. We offer air conditioner cleaning for most types of air conditioners and will make sure that it works and looks like a brand-new AC after we are done.

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